give me my money!

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And than Rich took her hand and gently say: dear Mary , yes I was married years ago,but this is

something I tried to forget. My wife was nice and beautiful and we loved each other.

He sow Marys sad face/book/ and he said: Mary all I can say is will you marrie me?

oh Rich,oh Rich this is like thunder from cloudely sky, can I think about it?

No this is one time offer -make it and take it – or choose it and loose it – so what you say???

Rich I………………..grrrkkkk…..

unfortunately she was eating strowberies and one was too much……..

So if you wonder what is going on later this is short summary:

Little Rich was in deep blues and all he could done is to try to write some songs and poems about

endless love and passion between two young american teens.

On the other side Mary finished with a smille on her face knowing that little Rich is going to make good money

with this specified blues songs.

Only problem is that Richie decited to change musical direction, blues is too slow for him

he like RnR.

so what is a basic message from this story?

I do not know, but if you do please do not say to anybody cos they  will call you names like:

fool, jerk, ………………………


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