Chop Shop by Tim Downs – a Book Review

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Chop Shop (the Bug Man Series #2), the follow up to Shoofly Pie by Tim Downs, is an intriguing medical mystery story of love, death, crime and insects. After entomologist Nick Polchak threatens a college student who falls asleep in his class, Polchak is placed on temporary probation. He is contacted by Dr. Riley McKay from the Pennsylvania Allegheny County coroner’s office, who suspects her supervisor, Dr. Nathan Lassiter, may be involved in something unethical, perhaps even deadly. But Dr. McKay is hiding her own secret in Chop Shop.

The lovable myopic hero of Chop Shop, Nick Polchack, and his love interest, Dr. Riley McKay, tackle ethical issues in a medical mystery full of danger and humor as they examine the secrets only maggots can reveal!

While Chop Shop deals  with ethical social issues, it is not overtly “religious” in nature with the exception of a handful of scripture verses tossed in, most notably at the end. The scripture-quoting characters of Chop Shop are never identified as spiritual people, much less Christians, so the scripture quotes are not only unexpected, they are rather glaring additions.

All in all Chop Shop was a fairly exciting medical mystery with likable characters and a couple of surprising twists at the end that promise to lead to a sequel with perhaps a deeper look into Nick’s character… and maybe even his faith.

Chop Shop by Tim Downs was published by Howard Fiction on July 1, 2004.

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