Holidays in The Storm

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I went fishing with my father and friend on Friday, 15th April 2008.
It was a nice day, but hydrometeorology institute warned against massive storms in TV. But it didn’t discourage us. When we packed up to our car, we moved on. Because of hot, the journey was tiresome, but we didn’t travel far; our destination was VN Boleraz. Finally, when we arrived, we unpacked our load and started to tent. We casted on rods and we were waiting for some fishes to catch them on a hook. It started to darken and we didn’t catch any fish till then. Suddenly, we spotted a big dark cloud coming from south; at 7:00 p.m. it started to rain and a light wind began flowing. At 1:00 a.m., we were forced to hold our tents on a ground because of massive storm. A few minutes later, we were assaulted by big hail-stones and the whole land was white. The calm took a while, but after that, we heard a big thunder which made land quake. The thunder subsided at 2:30 a.m., so we took our chance to pack up and go home, but when we were leaving the barrage, we saw a fallen tree on the road. Fortunately, my father rang his friend. He arrived in a short time with chainsaw to saw up that tree and, finally, we could go home.
We were all wet when we arrived home, but we came to a verdict that we have a lifetime experience and, probably, we will never see a thunder like this.



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