The Truth About Lockerz

 Around the Time of October 09, my friend asked me to join this website by the name of “Lockerz”. He explained to me that this was a point based system website, a place where you save up points via Dailes or Videos and spend them on monthly based redemptions. At first impression i thought this would be a simple and easy way to purchase the items i wanted for very  little work. Seeing That a video game cost only 100PTZ  I assumed that this would be an easy grab and i would be able to purchase other items with ease. However as time and experience progressed, it became quite obvious that i would be proven wrong.

Put into simple terms Lockerz is a website where you earn and spend. However only the Earning part come with Ease. To give a Full In-Depth review of Lockerz, i will divide this article into 2 sections. Redemption and Shop

Redemption- The day of the month to spend your prizes, Date and times are unannounced.

Questions often asked with Redemptions.

-Why were they fresh out within a matter of minutes, and why is it always laggy?

-Do they Really Resupply ” Hundreds of thousands of items”?

Before i answer the questions, keep this in mind, Redemption in some sense is like winning the Lottery. Lockerz on facebook has over 280,000 followers and keep in mind the other possible 200k  that could be a member of the site as well. Within a General Redemption, it is 1 against half a million. Half a million attempting to access the website at one time, Half a million attempting to redeem the item YOU want. Now to answer the questions

-Why were they fresh out within a matter of minutes ?

Imagine a Best Buy, or a Large Electronic Store selling all of their items for 90% off, however they only have thousands of items in stock.. The day of the sale comes and Half a million people are lined up outside the store waiting to get their bargain deal. As soon as the doors open everyone rushes to get what they want and in a blink of an eye. Give or take 1 minute, that immense amount of people could strip the store clean of every item they posses. Now not everyone would have gotten an item with that huge traffic, some may not have even gotten the chance to enter the store

Now imagine this as a website, this huge amount of traffic causes imense lag with their server, From  my OWN experience it took my 5 minutes from the Lockerz sign in page just to get to the site of redemption, and by that time. All of the items worth getting were fresh out. . This is why the label “fresh out” is so quickly seen with these redemptions.

-Do they Really Resupply ”   thousands of items”?

To be quite Frank, i dont think we would ever know. With the hundreds of thousands of members they have it is impossible to tell if they restock with thousands or in reality only one or none at all. I myself have never been able to redeem an item and to be quite honest, i dont think i ever will be.  All i know is that by the time i get to the page of redemption they are fresh out, and half the time i miss the day of the redemption all in all.

Shop- Use of points as a discount on an item. Or The use of points to purchase an item.

Okay maybe your luck with redemption is certainly not the best, perhaps you could purchase something with shop and get a guaranteed prize.

The point system with shop does not do justice to the amount of time i have spent earning my points. Depending on the prize want  you can get anywhere between 100$ to 5$ off an item. To give an example , i myself have 4000 PTZ,  i can get up to 120$ off a 42 inch LG tv using all of my PTZ, and yet at the same time get only 2$ off using 4000PTZ for a 5$ KEYCHAIN. This is to me is just absurd. The pointing system pretty much guarentees that you will have to spend money on the item one way or another even if it only costs 5$. You can purchase those items with your points, that is if you have 110,000PTZ lying around for a tv or 10,000 PTZ for a KEYCHAIN. To me its just not worth it.

I myself have purchased two items from shop. A usb drive, and speakers. I only received the usb drive after waiting an entire month to get my item and having it getting back ordered. The speakers  that i purchased were never given to me, they gave me a refund of my money but not a refund of my PTZ for the item. I was highly dissapointed with Their shop system and if i were to rate it out a five star system. I would give it 1 Star.

Lockerz Summary.

i am not claiming that Lockerz is a scam or fake, but rather a site where you are most likely to end up waisting your time. We are on the short end of the stick here. We answer dailies and watch videos and they get tons of money while we get Hope that only gets crushed with every redemption. This is not a just system and they should revise it in such a way where new members are not  easily convinced of obtaining an item.

I myself am a Zlister but in reality , i just waisted the time of my friends by inviting them and the time of my own. It took my shirt over 3 months to get the my mailbox and was not even worth the trouble of inviting my peers. 

To summarize Lockerz. It is a website that you should not waste your time on. Unless you have all the time of your day to earn 100k points to get that t.v. or wait all day for a redemption, then go for it, but if you have more important things to do other than competing with  half a million other people, then don’t do it.

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