Finding True Love

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How about love at first sight? Is this true love? This is attraction, and nothing more, but it could lead to something more if allowed to grow. True love comes later when the man and the woman are in a relationship. Attraction begins during the initial meeting, but love grows when the man and the woman cultivate that attraction, so it bears fruit.

Here are some tips you might need when finding true love

  1. Finding true love means talking to people who have found true love, and are now happily married. You may have colleagues who are now responsible dads, Ask them about the time when they knew they were ready. How did they feel? Was it an internal change, a shift in beliefs or did the “perfect woman” come along? Ask people by polling them. 
  2. Finding true love means learning about love through the eyes of other people. Maybe you’ll find a lot of “I don’t know” answers, but there will be those who can give you concrete answers. Go beyond the physical. Many players can’t get over the attractiveness factor, but in a long term relationship, you will realize that looks hardly matter.  Booty calls, and one night stands become mere memories when you start getting serious about a relationship. Know that most men who are now stable and with families did not base their relationships on sex alone. If you are still into getting laid and chasing after the so-called girl-of-the-moment, then maybe you’re not ready to commit yet.
  3. Don’t spend too much time looking. Although you know how you want a perfect relationship, and you have an idea how it would be like, procrastinating on commitment won’t get you anywhere. Basically, the more you think “if she exists, she will find me”, the more you won’t be able to find the woman you want.

The most important part of looking for true love is weeding out the gold diggers and those who are out to get your cash but not your heart. Sure, you know you’re a catch with your fat bank account, but you need a woman who will stay with you even without the bank account. She must love you for you. Maybe it’s too much to ask to never mention anything about your financial assets to a woman, but if you can weed out the gold diggers, you will be one step closer to getting the relationship you want.

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