Diving Monkey Games – Test Your Timing

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Some monkeys will dive on their own into the water and they will either catch the passing wave or miss the wave and hit the rocks under the water. Monkeys that hit the rocks under the water will lose you points while monkeys that catch the wave will give your more points.

You have to do a balancing act to make up for the points lost. Choose a monkey that you want to dive into the water. Only one monkey can be chosen at a time. To choose a monkey, move your cursor using a mouse and place it over the monkey. Do not move your cursor away from this position. If your move the cursor away from its position, the monkey will dive into the water without your consent. You do not want this to happen because your dives must be timed and well calculated. Watch the oncoming waves from the left side of the computer screen and click on the monkey if you think the waves are nearer and safer for the monkey to dive in without hitting the rocks. Your timing is important. A bad timing means the monkey will dive at the wrong moment and it will hit the rocks. A good timing means the monkey will dive at the right time and catch the waves and you earn points.

As you are timing each dive, other monkeys will emerge from the cliff and dive on their own. You have no control over these monkeys and therefore it will be a matter of luck – they will either catch or miss the waves, thus earning you points or losing you points respectively. Be fast and make sure that a few monkeys will dive on their own.Also, make sure that your timing for the dive is perfect for monkeys that you select with your cursor.Turn ON the compuer sound for full effects >>

Diving Monkeys Game:

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