Michael Jackson Skater Game

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Gamers and application developers are not left out in this race to capitalize on the popularity and fame of Michael Jackson. Fans of the King of Pop play a variety of MJ games and new ones are produced every year.

If you check the Google trends, the term ‘Michael Jackson’ is one of the consistently searched and top trending each year. From this term, you will also find secondary terms like ‘Michael Jackson flash games’ or ‘Michael Jackson online games’. These are searched by game players and buyers from around the world.MJ fans would like to play the best of all Michael Jackson games. They come in many forms such as dance games, concert games, dressup games and so on.

The game shown here is called the ‘MJ Skater’ game. This game involves a player who is learning how to ride the skateboard in the streets. You have to show your skills in riding a skateboard without hitting an obstacle. There are credits given for each successfully executed move. You start by practising in your room, then you move outside into the open area. This game has colourful and beautiful graphics and it also includes background music from the King of Pop. You must use arrows to negotiate your way around obstacles such as trees and rocks. Test your riding skills on easy surfaces as well as on hard surfaces. This is a simple game that requires no complex skills, but just for enjoyment and fun >> Remember to put the PC sound ON.

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