What to do When a Pet is Overheated

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The best prevention for heat stroke is to be prepared before the temperature rises. Keeping pets comfortable in extreme heat is the only way to avoid this fatal condition.

Be prepared for Hot Summer Days

Make sure cats and dogs have access to clean fresh water at all times. Change the water daily to insure freshness. All caged pets must have water available at all times because they can not seek water while contained.

Do not crate or transport your dog in temperatures over 80 degrees for more then 1 hour without offering the animal a drink or placing a bowl of water in the crate.

Some dogs may spill the water to lay in the coolness and this is Mother Nature’s way of cooling the dog off so do not get mad at your dogs who spill the water bowl. Give the contained dog more water or splash water on the bottom of the crate or house.

Safeguards against Heat Stroke

Fill empty 2 liter and gallon jugs with water and freeze them to use on extremely hot days to make your pets more comfortable. Place the frozen water bottle in the animal’s cage or house and the animal will lay next to the bottle and stay cool.

This frozen water bottles work great for rabbits who are very prone to heat stroke when caged or when an animal is being shipped.

Another helpful tip is to wet old towels, blankets and rugs with water then cover the animal’s crate or hang the blankets on the fence where the pet can lay next to the cool wet towel or blanket.

For outdoor animals spray the animal’s living area with the water hose in the early morning and early afternoon, then once again right before dark to help keep the surrounding cool.

Another opinion is to use an automatic mister can be put into use in the pet’s living area and where they can lay under the mist.

Hand held spray bottles works well when animals are traveling with you inside the car without air conditioning. These are useful for small animals such as birds and hamsters that are kept cages indoors without air conditioning.


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