Affirmative Action Strikes Again

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So I was reading a story on a woman who is outraged she couldn’t get a job based on the colour of her skin. She was white, she applied on a job only offered to aboriginal people, and she didn’t get it. 

The government has a percentage of aboriginal people they have to hire. I’m not going to argue weather that’s right or wrong, I don’t really care. I do care that people are outraged.

First of all, I’ve seen aboriginal job postings. They say the word “aboriginal” in them several times. Why would this woman bother applying? She obviously wasn’t qualified based on her race, now she’s just proving she can’t really read.

Second, they have a percentage of aboriginal people they need to hire. Say they have a call centre of 100 people, and 4 of them need to be aboriginal. So they have 96 white people in there already and 2 aboriginals. Boss says “Hey, we need 2 more aboriginals” so they put up an aboriginal job posting. They hire 2 more white people. Fuck, now they need to hire 2 more aboriginals, but they don’t have the room in the call centre. Boss is in trouble now, 2 white people have to be fired to make room for the aboriginal quota. Does that make sense? Shouldn’t they just hire 2 aboriginals in the first place? 

Third, I’m aboriginal. I have been hired based on it. A teacher in college recommended an aboriginal job posting to me. I went to the first interview, so did 200 other people. They hired 4. 4 educated, qualified, aboriginal people. Not just the first 4 to walk through the door. So qualified people are getting these jobs. 

I guarantee you there are business owners out there who will not hire aboriginal people. The same way some people won’t hire brown people, or black people, or women, or gay people, or whatever. 

Prejudice is still alive and kicking. Why wouldn’t it be? People really aren’t that intelligent. A non-aboriginal person is applying to an aboriginals only job and then freaking out when she doesn’t get it. Does that sound like an intelligent person living in a world full of intelligent people?

Maybe the whole percentage rule needs to change, maybe it doesn’t. The problem is the way this woman is going about trying to change it. Acting like an idiot. 

If she were really so concerned with getting a job she would have applied on other jobs. If she were all that qualified she would have had a job in the first place. But getting a job was not this woman’s concern. She was trying to prove a point. 

Listen bitch, get a petition out, get people to sign it, do whatever you need to do to change what you need to change. You can piss on my face, just don’t tell me it’s raining.


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