How to build a dining room bench

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The first thing that you will need to do is decided what type of lumber you want to buid your bench out of. Which species of wood would look best in your dining area. I personally prefer Cherry because of it’s natural beauty.

 Decide how long and how wide the bench needs to be to fit your needs. I choose 60″ long by 12 1/4″ wide and 20″ tall. Once you have all of that figured out it is time to start preparing the lumber to cut.
(I would suggest making a simple drawing of what you would like to build.)

Next you want to mark the lumber for cutting. I have cut two pieces for the top of the bench. Each one is 6″ X 60″ a will leave a 1/4″ gap for spacing. Next I want two small pieces roughly 1″ X 12 1/4″. I will use these for support one on each end. Next I cut two pieces that I will use for the legs. Each one is marked at 12″ wide and 19 1/4″ long. I want to make these pieces tappered so I have marked 2″ off each edge of one end of the two pieces. Making them 12″ on the bottom and 8″ on the top. 


My tool of choice.  Now that all of you pieces are marked you are ready to start cutting. REMEMBER ALWAYS meassure twice and cut once and wear your PPE’s.


If you used rough lumber run it through a planer after you have made your cuts. Planning only what you need speeds up the process and puts less stress on the planner and the blades.

Now that you are ready to assemble. Put the two pieces for the top face down and place the 1 inch pieces on the edges to hold the spacing. Coat lightly with wood glue and secure using small headed nail. Next stand the two leg pieces up, flip the top of the bench over on them. Space them were you want them and attach using wood screws (not nails because they WILL pull out and the bench will fall apart).


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