Allergy on Animals

Allergy on animals

This type of allergy is widespread very widely; he can considerably worsen the flow of other her displays. Domestic animals are one of the strongest sources of allergens. Unlike that it is usually talked, will notice that allergens are producted by not animals – simply wool is for them a remarkable container.

Examples of allergens of animals :

    * saliva (dogs, lady-cats, horse, and other)
    * wetting (lady-cats, dogs, shallow laboratory animals)
    * serum (part of blood)
    * horny scales (слущенная skin)
    * epithelium (слущенная skin)
    * excrements (parrots, fondle and other)

Affecting of allergens patient takes place at breathing in a dust. Ниаболее often there is an allergy on lady-cats, and the most heavy forms are marked at an allergy on horse and shallow rodents.

Generally known, that is spent by very much lady-cat to time on a workaround. Thus they abandon plenty of аллергизирующей saliva on the hair cover, and then saliva set about everywhere. In addition, at a workaround lady-cats disperse in surrounding air whole clouds from the shallow drops of saliva – they are literally the “nebulizers” of allergy!

For patients with an allergy on dogs she is marked on any their breeds. Flat-coated dogs so allergens, as well as long-wool. An allergy on birds often carries indirect character: sensitization develops not to their feathers, and to the metecious in their mass claws.

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