Allergic Diseases


An allergy is the state of enhanceable sensitiveness of animal organism, in relation to a certain matter or matters (to the allergens), developing at the repeated influence of these matters. The physiological mechanism of allergy consists in education in the organism of antibodies, that results in lowering or increase of his sensitiveness. An allergy shows up the strong irritation of mucous membranes, skin rashes, by a febricula etc. греч. Аллос – other + Эргон is an action.

Under allergic reactions displays understand in clinical practice, origin of which an immunological conflict is the basis of. In diagnostics of allergic reactions it is important to educe an allergen, his causal connection with clinical displays and type of immunological reaction. Generally accepted is nosotropic principle of selection of 4 types of allergic reactions.

Allergic diseases among children presently widely widespread, their amount and weight of flow grows constantly. It is constrained, presumably, with contamination of environment, wastes of industrial enterprises, appearance, exhaust-gass in the way of life of great number of synthetic materials, dyes and other matters which are allergens, and consequently, and assist distribution of allergic diseases. The wide and uncontrolled use of medicinal preparations also results in the height of number of allergic reactions. An enhanceable sensitiveness to the medicinal matters often arises up because of groundless application simultaneously of a few preparations (полипрагмазия), uncontrolled reception of antibiotics, insufficient knowledge by the doctors of pharmakokinetics of medicinal preparation. In the origin of allergic diseases act part influence of climatic factors, heredity, общесоматической pathology, character of feed and other

So, an allergy is a pathologically enhanceable and perverted reaction of organism on the certain substances of antigen nature, which for normal individuals do not cause the sickly phenomena. An important role in development of allergy is taken to the state by nervous, endocrine systems, pathology of ЖКТ of and other. Reason of allergy can be different matters, which, getting in an organism, cause the immune answer of гуморального or cellular type.

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