Quadriderm Cream

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I suffer from many small skin disorders like rashes, skin peeling off, etc and so I prefer keeping a tube of Quadriderm ointment in my first aid box. Well Quadriderm is a wonder cream which works effectively in curing any minor skin disorders quickly.

Not just rashes I use Quadriderm for getting rid of the side patches in the private areas, you know how it feels when we got to walk around with those irritating side patches. Quadriderm helps cure the side patches in quick time and I don’t have to walk around awkwardly in public.

Quadriderm is pretty much cheap and so I prefer buying a large tube of the ointment so that I don’t have to go to the chemist again and again. I even use Quadriderm cream for minor cuts and it helps hasten the healing process.

What I really enjoy about Quadriderm cream is that it dissolves into the skin like some fairness cream and starts working immediately, I feel a cooling sensation built up on the applied area and that is a big relief especially in case of side patches and small cuts. Quadriderm is available in any chemist sore and we don’t require any sort of prescription to buy the ointment. Quadriderm is a harmless product but should be kept away from children just in case they put it in their mouth or their eyes.

Quadriderm is best for any minor skin problems but don’t apply it blindly on any kind of skin problems, may cause reaction, do consult a doctor if the suffering from any abnormal skin problems.


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