Jamaica; Xian Country…

Jamaica, any almanac will tell you, has more Churches per square foot than anywhere else in the world.  Jamaicans will claim to be ‘Christian’, and make great shows of prayers and practices.  But Jamaicans are as Christian as pork is Kosher. 

Someone dies. 
Usual church service, but unusual forms of dress.  The females look as if they’re enroute to some orgy and the males are loaded with jewelry.  The only way you know they’re going to a funeral and not a dance is due to time of day.  At night they would be going to a dance, during the day a funeral.

The actual funeral is the least of the ‘celebrations’.  There’s a ‘nine night’ and various ‘set-ups’ in which the food and drink is free and all sorts of dancing and revelry goes on.

The ‘set up’ might open with some hymns and Christian sounding noises, but shortly the drumming starts, the gyrationand one would be hard pressed to discern the difference between what is going on at this function and a typical Voo Doo ceremony.

They call themselves ‘Christians’,  the woman spitting rum as she walks the corners of the room, the gal spinning in circle until she drops, the guy rubbing his crotch against the body of the female in front of him.

Whether these people find themselves in an Anglican, Methodist or one of the local churches on a Sunday only adds to the incredible  hypocrisy that thrives in Jamaica.


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