Toastmasters And Public Speaking

     Are you afraid to speak in front of people or even just to meet people? A Toastmasters club might be the thing to get you out of that rut and becoming the social butterfly you were meant to be.  There are clubs all around the world and in just about all 50 U.S. states.  A person will participate speaking formally or informally and the speeches can range from a person preparing to speak at weddings, political podium, social gatherings, or for a religious sermon. It is professional in nature and not all clubs are the same.

     Some clubs will have certain requirements for membership (academic degree, etc.), while others are open to the public. Membership dues are minimal and affordable twice a year.  A person can participate in local, regional, and national competitions to establish credibility and win awards. Evaluator, grammarian, time-keeper, or Toastmaster are some of the numerous positions one can take part in and improve skills or develop new skills.

     In today’s world, communication skills are the most valuable skills a person can have, especially working for companies. The Toastmasters organization can benefit those that want to move ahead in life and is a great networking resource. The website is

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