Metal Guitar Lesson; Was It A Natural Progression Of Rock & Roll?

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Well to find this out we will have to take a journey back in time to the late 50´s, when the music industry started to promote stars such as Elvis Presley who of course was a white man singing obscure songs written by black men, who didn´t get any recognition for their work.

These songs where really based on the blues, but they where song in a much raunchier way, and people started to call this Rock and Roll. The first black man to make it in the music industry was Chuck Berry, with a song called “Sweet little sixteen” followed by “Roll over Beethoven” and then “Jonny be good, “all of which he wrote himself so a lot of people at the time saw this as the true birth of Rock and Roll.

This style of music and guitar playing quickly caught on and we began to hear people like Duane Eddy, with “Summertime blues,” and Buddy Holly with “Rave on” and many others. In the early 60´s the Beatles arrived, not in a big way yet, but they where defiantly influenced by Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly.

 It was their choice of music to play whilst having to play 11 hours a night in Hamburg, no wonder they became such a tight and talented band, in fact the very first song on their very first album “Please Please Me” was Chuck Berry’s “Roll over Beethoven.”

We all know how well the Beatles did, and it was Chuck Berry that gave them the idea to start to write their own music, the first of which was “Love me do, followed by “Please Please me,” which was their first number 1 hit, and the Mersey style of Rock was born.

Soon we were seeing bands such as Jerry and the pacemakers, who were made famous with “Ferry across the Mersey,” and The swinging blue jeans, with “Hippy Hippy shake,” this type of music was quickly spreading across the whole of England.

Also inspired by Buddy Holly was the Rolling Stone´s, who came from the south of England, mainly the London area, and their first hit was “I wanna be your man,” written by Buddy Holly of course, and they are still gigging today and good luck to them too.

By now I hope that you can see a gradual progression in the changing sounds of Rock and Roll music, the next step and slight change came with The Kinks with “You Really Got Me” quickly followed by “All of the Day and All of the night” which starts to see a heavier chord progression, and in my opinion this is the very first sign of metal music.

Another band of a similar vein were The Troggs who were best known for “Love is All Around” that became a big hit in more recent years by, Wet Wet Wet, and used in the film Four Weddings and a Funeral,” the earlier Troggs songs were “Wild Thing” and “With a Girl Like You,” which were a  heavier chord progression.

Then came the Who with “MY Generation, “but the best known of the early Metal bands was Cream, with “Sunshine of Your Love,” which in my opinion was the very first real Metal sound. I should not forget to mention The Jimmy Hendrix Experience, who continues to inspire players today, and of course Led Zeppelin, I could go on forever, but this article is becoming a bit too long.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article, and I hope that you can see my reason for wanting to write it, this is how I see it that metal guitar music came about, but it is only my opinion.

I hope that it inspires you to play Rock and Roll the metal guitar lesson way.

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