Rudi Lechner's in Houston, Texas: A Very Short And Simple Review

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Rudi Lechner’s is one of the few German restaurants in Houston and even though from the outside you would not give this restaurant a second thought, inside is a cozy little place with a feel of being at someone’s house kitchen but a tad larger. And they provide good entertainment between Wednesday and Saturday evening bringing to Houston stomping polkas and music, the band is set up in the corner of the restaurant and it is so close to you that you have to participate in the fun; and of course they have a special event every year for Oktoberfest; which is a festival originated in Munich, Bavaria that extends for 16 days during the month of October.

The food is quite interesting and the prices are good for the portions for appetizers you can order two stuffed cabbage rolls which come stuffed with seasoned ground beef & simmered in tomato sauce or the kaesespaetzlewhich isspaetzle baked with three cheeses topped with fried onions for $5.95.

While for their German specialties you can order the original wiener schnitzel which is a veal cutlet pan fried and breaded and served with red cabbage or sauerkraut and Austrian potatoes for $20.00, or the kasseler rippchen which is smoked chop, served with red cabbage, potato pancakes and an apple-onion sauce for $17.50 or even the beer schnitzel which is a pork cutlet pan-fried, with walnut breading andserved over a mustard beer sauce with red cabbage and spaetzel for $18.00 a must for beer lovers; even though you can barely taste it, it makes the cutlet softer to the taste.

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