The Flowering of The Carts: A Double Feature

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In the month of May in Larino in the region of Molise, there is a party that sees a march full of carts of flowers in honor of san Pardo, patron of the city and the one whom inspired the event.  Larino’s origins date back to even before Rome and studies have shown the foundation between 1200 to 1100 A.C. and during the Roman times, it was a very important city and it remained independent and played a major role against the Samnites and now it is a town with about eight thousand two hundred habitants, and the current city was built during the 14th century after the old one was completely destroyed by an earthquake and sacked on a regular basis, now it is just a little more than a kilometer away.

This festivity doubles itself because in Larino, in the province of Campobasso in the region of Molise, the first festivity is done between May 25 through the 27 and the second one is on October 17th. Maybe one could think a luxury, or perhaps as it is discussed of a mixed one of devotion, tradition and pride, that it is lost at the beginning of time.

In reality the people that lived or did celebrate the May festivities, considers it one of the most beautiful ones celebrated in Italy. And the carts of San Pardo, a total of 130 are being pulled by sheep, calves, cows and oxen, and they are artistically decorated and covered with flowers to give life to 3 unforgettable days.

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