Some Common Foot Problems

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To know some remedy to common foot problems from the expert:

Athlete’s Foot.  An itchy fungus between the toes and sometimes on soles, sides and heels.  The fungus is usually picked up by getting barefoot in public places, and then multiplied in enclosed shoes. 

Remedy:  Use  an over-the-counter-fungal lotion, powder or spray.  An expensive prescription drugs isn’t always necessary.  After a few eeks of self-treatment if the problem persists, see a dermatologistr podiatrist who can order lab tests of the fungus and prescribe more specific medication.  Wear open-toed shoes, keep feet dry and clean, and remove socks and shoes immediately after working out.

Ingrown Toenails.  On big toes, the side of the nails get imbedded in the skin, causing painful inflammation.  Tight shoes that cramp toes can press nails into the skin.  This problem can occur on other toes as well.  

Remedy:  Soak  the nail in warm water with Epson salts and then gently pull the nail out of the skin or massage skin away from the nail.  Clip the nail and apply antibiotic ointment.  Soak the toe in warm salt water to reduce inflammation.  To keep pressure off, wear sandals.

Calluses and Corns.  Caluses are thickened pads of skin that form on the ball or heel of the foot while corns are smaller, conical and more painful, usually crop up on toes.  A painful corn can cause you to walk improperly, leading to leg problems.  It is usually cause by pressure and friction from  wearing tight shoes.

Soak celluses in warm water until the skin softens; then gently use a pumise stone or callus file, followed by a little foot cream.  For corns, soak in  water, apply a little baby oil, and then gently rub with corn file.  Corns and calluses can also be removed by the doctor.

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