Portable Garmin on Mount

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 Best buy with the other teamed up product “Garmin 4.3-inch Carrying Case.” This product allows you to keep your nüvi in place while keeping it everything in place. This product is the combination of mobility and stability while protecting the dashboard of your GPS device with its non-skid bottom. A great find for your travel since it can be used on any dash. Just fold down the integrated arm (which fits on any GPS device) if you’re going to keep it and move the mount easily from one vehicle to the other.  You don’t need to worry about this mount sliding and or detaching while the vehicle in motion. Don’t like the syndrome accompanied with windshield mounts? This portable friction mount is great for a quicker way to mount/unmount your GPS device.

One buyer has liked the fact that this can be easily used on both of their family vehicles with its non-slip features. Whenever they need their GPS device, they would just attach it to the mount and they’re ready to go.

This is the best mounting solution for his GPS or any other device for his car, says another buyer. Though there were GPS devices being stolen from cars, he won’t worry for his GPS for becoming one for this mount is easily to attach and detach from his car. He has one for his Prius and another one for his wife, this is truly a good solution though it was bulky to store out of the way when not in use. Though this might not be totally perfect, but it was the best solution that he had found.

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