Garmin Case to Carry

 the Garmin 4.5-inch Carrying Case in Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging, which is a recyclable and easy-to-open replacement to the traditional packaging. Products from the Frustration-Free line are still the same, with just a catch; they’ve now streamlined the packaging. It has a “clamshell” hard plastic casing, plastic bindings, and without-the-wire packaging in the Frustration-Free Package. You won’t need a box cutter or a knife to open your product just as the same as the traditional packaging. In addition, the item is shipped without the need for an additional shipping box because the item can be shipped in its own box. With the sleek case protecting your nüvi, get ready to travel in fab style. You’ll never go wrong on protecting your favorite navigator from damage and scratches with the durable, stitched premium leather with the embossed logo “Garmin.” This product will surely fit any nüvi model with 4.3-inch displays.

The best feature of this carrying case is that it gives a snugly fit on his 650. Though as one buyer had said that this case is just two pieces of hard plastic cover on some stretched low-grade leather; however, this case is designed to give comfort and protection for your nüvi. This carrying case will provide you easy access to the headphone port and SD card slot, if one end of the case is remained open.

Just picked his own carrying case for his nuvi 750 as this was compatible according to the Garmin site. But having for a fact that a nuvi 750 is thinner than the 600 series, putting the case upside down will definitely have your 750 fall out. Nevertheless, this case gives you style and comfort with careful use.

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