One of The Top Trends on Twitter Talked About Blacks Being Misunderstood, Which in And of Itself is a Problem

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As to be expected, when #notallblackpeople became one of the top trends on Twitter one of the most popular tweets in that trend talked about the fact that there was drama of Twitter because Blacks were talking about how misunderstood they were.  Yet there is drama on Twitter every day, usually the top trends talk about Justin Bieber, which everyone over the age hates even though most of his haters do not listen to pop music anyway, or people talk about their issues with ugly people or men sit behind their computers and tell us what they really think about the opposite sex.  If you thought that a social networking site could exist without any drama you were naive and live in a perfect world because any time you have more than two or three people there is drama.

One of my friends remarked that she was disgusted that there was even a need for a trend.  As dissapointing as it is that people are misunderstood I can understand exactly why we are misunderstood.  Americans are polite to each other, and everyone has friends of other races and we are in situations where we work with people of other races and some even attend churches in where they have a pastor or are in leadership with someone of a different race. But do we really understand each other and where that other person is coming from?  The funny thing about Twitter is that it is a polite way for people to comfortably tell you how they feel about certain issues without being confrontational.  It is not politically correct, and people can say what is on their mind.

So #notallblackpeople is a way to tap into how Blacks feel about how other races perceive them.  I would have liked to see other trends but those never came about.  Some of those trends talked about the fact that not all Black people want to be Black or identify with Black culture.  Some of them suggested that not all Black people want to date other Black people or have children with other Black people.  The trend is still going on, but it is no longer in the top ten.  It does not even look like it is in the top 100 or top 1000.  Trends do not last but for a moment on Twitter, and rarely for more than one day except for when Michael Jackson died, which seemed to last well over a month.  

To be completely honest, the fact that it was even a trend suggests that it must have been a slow day.  Lately the top trends have dealt with issues that are big in other communities outside of America.  The other day people were talking about Alexandra Burke, and that was cool.  It was nice to see a trend that wasn’t talking about sex, relationships or as most top trends do, the dark side of human nature.  However this trend just served to show us that we are not in a post racial age.  Perhaps a lot of people simply do not know, and perhaps a lot of people simply do not care.  In this day and age people are just trying to survive, and aren’t really thinking about anyone else but themselves.  I don’t think about White people, Black people, red, brown, yellow, or anyone else.  I think about myself and my household, do people understand Black people, some do and some don’t.  Should people understand, perhaps, but am I going to go out of my way to be understood, of course not.  I have to live my life and find that people of all races and cultures misunderstand me, including other Blacks or African-Americans.  At the end of the day that is perfectly okay with me, because being understood is not what life is about an in imperfect world that does not understand itself.  


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