Fitflop Oasis Sandal For Women

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Created in UK by the collaboration between former Bliss spa-entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore and Biochemist Dr. David Cook along with a team of footwear engineers, FitFlops had been developed to help modern women do some exercise despite of their busy schedules. “I thought, how amazing if I could invent something that would help fight the onset of cellulite while I’m walking to the office,” says Kilgore. “I work. I have kids. I have a husband. And the likelihood of me seeing the inside of a gym in the next ten years is slim to none. That said, I’d obviously prefer to go with slim.” Kilgore continued. Envisioned injecting the “microwobbleboard” technology to the midsole of the flip flop, Dr. Cook and Kilgore developed FitFlop at the Centre for Human Performance in London. This flip flop features three densities of EVA foam material in a single-fused underfoot piece, therefore providing exercise to your muscles every time you walk along with your FitFlops. Ingenious isn’t it?

Finding an easier way to get fit? You don’t have to spend so much time, effort and money going to the gym to get fit. With these flip flops, your way to the healthy lifestyle is just a step away. You can walk with it while on your way to work, buying for your groceries, or spend a walk along the beach or park. Imagine yourself getting fit while walking, that is the easy way around! Along with its casual look and easy to slip on, plus the three densities of EVA foam in the midsole, muscles in your legs are in activity to get a better tone; thus improving posture; added bonus is stress is being reduced in your lower back and feet. Working out despite of your busy lifestyle.

Best buyer of this new FitFlop Oasis Thong Sandal says that these are very comfortable to wear on. Wearing it for 2 weeks found the shoes to be comfy and lightweight. Walking with it for long hours won’t get her feet hurt. Having these sandals indoor or outdoor is definitely worth the investment.

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