Daily Horoscope For August 20Th

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Daily Astrology for 20 August:

Aries (Mar21-Apr20) If a new partner isn’t all you expected him to be, at least give this relationship a chance before you say goodbye!

Taurus (Apr21-May21) Some money loss causes confusion until someone owns up to having overspent. 

Gemini (May22-June21) Home-life is enjoyable and pleasant. A small misunderstanding is forgiven.

Cancer (June22-July23) Colleagues are helpful. You wish you could say the same of your family.

Leo (July24-Aug23) This is a good day to show plenty of affection toward those you really care for.  When it comes to finances, however, don’t take risks.

Virgo (Aug24-Sept23) Virgo is a private sign and it will be Virgos who are content to stay in the background who will be the happiest ones today. 

Libra (Sept24-Oct23) Travel plans are being discussed and someone won’t drop the subject until firm decisions are made.

Scorpio (Oct24-Nov22) There’s some concern about an older relative’s well-being but a visit this evening should help put your mind at rest.

Sagittarius (Nov23-Dec21) Be content with routine matters even if you have done the same thing a thousand times before.  This is not a good time to make any changes.

Capricorn (Dec22-Jan20) If you’re working, you’re likely to get more done if you do it yourself!

Aquarius (Jan21-Feb19) Today, it is possible that extra efforts made to help someone in need will bring a pleasant surprise your way.

Psces (Feb20-Mar20) If recently, you have felt that you’ve not been getting enough out of your off-duty hours, why don’t you accept a friend’s suggestion to join a club in your area.


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