Daily Horoscope August 18Th

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Aries (Mar21-Apr20) Someone will start developing new ideas and before you know it this could lead to a change in how you approach your routine work.

Taurus (Apr21-May21) There is a better balance between work and domestic commitments now. You should however guard your health and don’t overdo this evening!   

Gemini (May22-June21)If you’ve been careless about personal finances or possessions, concentrate on getting these up-to-date now. A Taurus friend might give you a useful tip or two today.

Cancer (June22-July23) Intuition is powerful. This leads you to the people who understand you best and who might help you develop your talents and your spirituality.

Leo (July24-Aug23) Someone special has been watching for a sign of your true feelings. If you are single are you ready to make a long-term commitment?

Virgo (Aug24-Sept23) Good organisation of the past now makes you ready to start winding down.

Libra (Sept24-Oct23) Being faithful to a partner will add intimacy and a strong feeling of security in romance.

Scorpio (Oct24-Nov22) If you have no plans to move or make changes, getting away from familiar places might appeal. A holiday or exploring distant chores is a strong possibility.

Sagittarius (Nov23-Dec21) It’s a good day to check accounts and work out exactly where you stand financially.

Capricorn (Dec22-Jan20) A more laid-back mood draws your attention to what others are doing. Someone needs a helping hand. You will be happy to volunteer your services.

Aquarius (Jan21-Feb19) After a socially active day or due to a surprisingly hectic workload, you will be glad of the chance to spend the evening home, alone.

Pisces (Feb20-Mar20) A colleague has a go at you about your work. If someone has been getting you all uptight lately, it’s time to make a stand. 


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