Anti-Fog Safety Goggle

… control and ventilation with its impact resistant polycarbonate lens. The dual injected rubber on the goggles gives you a soft, comfortable seal while its cloth head strap gives you an adjustable fit. The Dewalt Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle has a built-in channel for ventilation that provides fog control and ventilation. This goggle also passed the ANSI Z87.1+ Standards, which ensures you, the consumer, safety and quality for your purchase.

The following were statements on what the buyers has to say about this safety goggle.

These goggles are a very good product. It fits over his glasses with no problem at all. Though they would still fog up at a temperature controlled lab, other than that, there were problems on using them.

Prolonged use of these goggles can fog up a little, says another buyer. But they’re not as severe as his previous goggles. He was having problems of not being able to see at all with his other goggles, but these Dewalt goggles are very comfortable to wear and because he could leave them on. It’s a terrific quality item. Very impressed with the fit and finish compared to his previous goggles, this is a thing of beauty. Though in the other reviews they have experienced fogging up, in his case, it was not. These were the best that he has ever seen.

Another buyer says he loves these goggles. Whenever he’s working on his woodworking machines, these goggles had protected him from the dust produced by the machines and other than that, this provides protection from flying objects. “They’re pretty comfortable to wear and are very well made,” he adds.

Along with the Built-in ventilation and the Dual injected rubber mentioned above, it also has a Clip attachment that allows easy lens replacement.

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