Does Democracy Exist in Today's World?

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There are probably hundreds of political parties with word democracy incorporated into their names. Politicians of both authoritative and more liberal regimes often use this word. It seems like one of their favorite ones. However, does democracy exist in today’s world?

Democracy is form of government. Supposedly, citizens of the certain country should have equal say in all the decisions affecting the country. Citizens might be involved in governing the country directly (direct democracy) or indirectly (through their elected representatives).

In a theory it all sounds great. However, what does the “democratic” reality look like? Does each and every one of us really have a say in matters affecting our lives?

As far as my research goes, I haven’t found any country in today’s world that has direct democracy. It surely is logical as there are too many people to run this type of government successfully. Also, many of the matters connected to running a country are too complicated to be understood by everybody. Many decision need to be done and there is no country with citizens who would all have enough time to study and evaluate all the laws, etc.

So, most of us are left with regimes that proudly call themselves democracies while handful of people govern the country. I know that voters vote for those people. As a result we all have a say in who will sit there. Though, that is where our power ends. Once in office, politicians can govern the country ignoring people’s wishes and needs (most of the time). Do you think that such a regime deserves to be called democracy?

It seems to me that this word is only used to please the masses. Most people like to have power. So, we were given an illusion of power while the rich (usually) make laws and govern the state’s possessions. I said rich, because way too many politicians are either rich businessmen themselves or at least connected to affluent businessmen and financial groups. As a result, they defend their own agendas and those of these financial groups not interests of the people.

Also, Rich people are ones paying for most politicians’ campaigns and he who has the best and most notable campaign usually wins the elections. Also, mass-media often side with certain political party/parties in struggle for power. Mass-media are also run by those with great monetary background. Together with the fact that masses of people are easily influenced by media, it leads me to my conclusion.

The democracy does not exist. It is just a theatre for us, regular guys and gals, to keep us at bay. After all, who would start a revolution, if most of the population feels their voice matters? They just keep complaining about politicians forgetting about their pre-election promises. However, when the next election comes, most of them go and give their vote to the same people again hoping that they will keep their word this time. Sadly, this almost never happens. So, why should this type of government be called democracy? Wouldn’t the word republic be enough? After all, this regime is far more similar to that of Roman republic (where rich ones ruled the senate) than Athenian democracy (where all the free men of Athens could participate).


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