What is Club Penguin located at ClubPenguin?

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Club Penguin is a popular web site on the Internet where kids have access to games and are able to interact with other kids in a virtual online world. The site is accessible at www.clubpenguin.com. The target age range for Club Penguin is children age six (6) through age fourteen (14), but children of all ages may participate.

Club Penguin is designed to provide a place for kids and teens to experience social networking through Internet communication, which is an activity traditionally enjoyed by adults. For instance, users of Club Penguin may enjoy activities such as online games and chat rooms, without causing worry to their parents about their online activities. Club Penguin has been heralded as a wonderful and safe place for children to experience the wonders of the word wide web for the first time, and it has opened up a lot of opportunities for parents to allow their kids online access when they otherwise would not have allowed access. The site is monitored and is a great environment for children to learn social networking through the Internet.

An individuals begins at Club Penguin by selecting a penguin and providing the penguin an identity. Once a penguin and identity have been chosen, persons are able to interact with other persons by chatting, playing games, using emoticons, or sending greetings to others. When players play games they earn points tallied through virtual coins that may be used to purchase items for their penguins, such as clothing and other accessories for their penguins or igloos.

Club Penguin has four (4) simple rules for its users: (1) respect other penguins as Club Penguin does not tolerate profanity, bullying, or other mean behavior; (2) for your own safety, never reveal person information to other penguins; (3) no inappropriate talk, such as innuendo or references to drugs or alcohol; and (4) no cheating. If a penguin violates any of these rules, he or she will be subject to disciplinary action such as a suspension or being banned from Club Penguin.

Club Penguin is free to access online. However, if one becomes a paying member, he or she will be able to purchase clothing or decorate the igloo for his or her penguin. A membership costs 5.95 per month, and may be paid by check, credit card or through bank transfer through accounts such as PayPal.

Club Penguin just celebrated its two-year anniversary on October 24, 2007, and the popular web site has shown no indication of slowing down any time soon


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