How to Write More Every Day

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It does not matter if you write a pleasure or profit.  If you love writing, or simply need to do more of it for your business or job, it is possible to write more a day.  The following five tips will help you increase your writing output without sacrificing quality.

How to Write More a Day – Create More Time

An excellent way to do more of anything in an already busy day is to it create more time for yourself to do it in.  Of course, you can’t actually make the day longer.  If you want to write more a day you will need to give up something else that you do such as playing a game, watching TV, chatting on the phone, or sleeping.  Schedule specific times to write, or make a goal to write in 10 minute bursts throughout the day.

How to Write More a Day – Focus on the Goals

Many people complain of writer’s block or waste time trying to come up with topics for stories to write about.  If you want to write more each day you must focus on the goals you are trying to achieve.  Making a word count goal, or striving for a specific number of articles each day is a good way to force yourself to write more.  Achieving these goals every day should be celebrated.

How to Write More a Day – Increase Speed

Another excellent way to write more a day is to increase the speed of getting the words into the computer word processing file.  Take typing classes or play typing games to increase your speed on the keyboard.  Speech recognition programs, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking or the free version that comes with Windows Vista, to greatly increase your speed at writing.  While speech recognition software can take awhile to get used to, it is an excellent tool in being able to write more today.

How to Write More a Day – Get Organized

Not only should you organize your daily to give yourself plenty of writing time, you should also organize what you are going to write.  Every story, article, or other piece of writing can be outlined or organized by starting with the main points.  Instead of sitting down in front of a blank screen, starting at the beginning and charging through until the end, consider writing a quick outline first.  Once you have an outline for the main points down for each piece of writing you will do it becomes quicker and easier to complete.  Organizing your writing can help you write more a day.

When it comes down to it, the main reason people do not write as much as they want is a lack of dedication or laziness.  If you want to write more today, structuring your time, organizing your writing, and increasing the mechanicals beaded of getting words into a file can all help.


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