Deciding when to allow your children to stay home alone

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Having your children stay home alone is a big step in every parent’s life.  Will your children be safe?  Are they responsible enough to deal with emergencies should their rise?  These assurance and more room to every parent’s head before they allow their children to stay home alone for the first time.  It is a tough decision to make.  However, objectively looking at your child’s behavior, responsibility levels, and the legal implications in your area, you can decide when to allow your children to stay home alone more easily.

The first consideration that could make or break your decision to allow your children to stay home alone is the law in your area.  In some states, there is a cut off the age at which children are not allowed to stay by themselves.  This age is usually around twelve or thirteen years old.  If your child is younger than the legal age to be allowed to stay home alone you should simply forbid it.

The other things to think about when deciding to allow your children to stay home alone are not so cut and dried.  The majority and responsibility levels of your child our most important.  Is your child able to stay cool in an emergency and remember to do the right thing?  Do they know all the methods and practices in case of fires, break ins, the electricity going out, or even things as basic as phone calls and people coming to the door?  With some preparation and practice all of these things can be taught, but your child still must be levelheaded enough to do what they are called on to do.

Another important factor in deciding when to allow your children to stay home alone is the child’s opinion about the whole thing.  Do they want to stay home alone?  In some cases, their choice does not really come into play.  If work schedules change or after school activities end, it might be financially impossible to hire childcare or otherwise find some one to come and watch a child.  In most cases, allowing your child to choose when they are ready to stay home alone is a good indication of their ability to do so.

Deciding when to allow your children to stay home alone is a scary thing.  Parents who are used to taking care of their children and protecting them from any potential harm might find it hard to turn over the reins to their child.  As long as the law states you can, your child is ready to try it, and they know all the necessary information about what to do in case of emergency, you can make a smooth transition.


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