Build a Team of Referrals Before You Join an Mlm Business

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I got invited to a group on Sidetick, which is where I find most new business opportunities and free to join money making sites these days, and it was for a site called: The team building project.

The team building project are a free to join site, that is building a network of potential network marketers, who have not yet joined a business.

At the moment, they have about 2500 people on the site, and when their network reaches 10,000, they will allow all members to vote on which business opportunity they want to join as a team.

This eliminates the risk of paying to join a multi level marketing site or business, and struggling to find referrals. They also have detailed instructions on how to find referrals online.

If you are on Bukisa, you should know that there is a three level referral program, and you could apply the same methods for finding referrals for the team building project, as for Bukisa.

I am discovering that the best way to succeed at any business online is to be a part of many sites and communities, and try to build a network of similar minded people.

This site is definitely the place to show you how to find referrals, and perhaps even get referrals for more than one site. Considering it is free to join, and all you have to do to be qualified is sign up two people as referrals, you can’t go wrong.

If nothing else, you will learn their formulas for success, in building a team of 2500 (and growing) referrals under them. MLM businesses are not easy to succeed at, but this site takes away most of the hassle straight away, and gives you valuable knowledge.

If you haven’t joined Bukisa, then you should join at the bottom of the page. They have a great pay per click rate, ($3.22 US per thousand clicks), and a three level referral program.

You earn 25% of your first level referral’s article earnings, then 5% of theirs, and 1% of theirs. Bukisa is probably one of the best free to join MLM article writing sites, if not the best opportunity on the net, because articles are good for helping with any opportunity you will come in contact with online.



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