Learning to write online

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Learning to write online is different than learning to write for newspapers, magazines, or school essay papers.  Of course, you need to know the basics of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word usage no matter what type of writing you do.  There are special rules you need to follow when learning to write online.  If you do not follow these rules, what ever you write on the Internet will have a much less chance of being read.

Learning to Write Online – Know Your Audience

When writing for the Internet, it is important to know to whom are you are writing.  This is called the targeted audience.  There are many potential audiences on the Internet who may view your writing.  When learning to write online, it is important to be able to target the audience you want.

Knowing your audience for online writing is often a matter of determining which keywords or key word phrases they are likely to use in the search engines.  Whether you are writing for entertainment purposes or for advertising, people will only find your writing if they are able to search and locate it as a result on a search engine.

Learning to Write Online – Use Internet Structure

The second most important thing when learning to write online, is the special type of structure your article or content needs to be read comfortably.  Due to screen glare and other factors, reading on the Internet is slower and more difficult than reading from a paper.  To make it easier for your readers so they will not click away from your content, you must structure your writing a certain way.

Writing online requires bold the innings and subheadings, and plenty of white space between paragraphs and points.  Those learning to write online should be aware that using lists and different sized fonts is a good thing.

Learning to Write Online – Cut the Fluff

Going hand in hand with the slower reading pace of the Internet, people have less patience for reading long pieces of writing.  That is not to say that ol’ writing online should be short.  An important thing to remember when learning to write online is to cut the fluff.  That means that you must cut out any unnecessary words or phrases in your writing.

If you want to make your online writing effective, either for informational and or marketing purposes, you need to learn the basics of Internet writing structure.  While your ability to use the English language is important, it is not the most important thing for effective online writing.


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