12 Interview Secrets

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How in the world are you going to beat out ALL the stiff competition in finding for “your” dream job? There are tried-andtrue success secrets to doing well in job interviews. These secrets will increase your success in landing the job you want.

Research the company and the industry. Get your hands on as much material as you can. If the company is small or privately held, talk to vendors, current employees, past employees, or customers. When your credentials are similar to other candidates, thorough information about the company will set you apart. When you know the background or you have an information about that company you have an edge to the other applicants.

Wear your best “dress for success” clothes. Wear the out fit that has generated the most compliments. It would be good if you will dress nicely and at the same time portray a successful image.

Bring along extra copies of your resume and other documents supporting your talents, skills, and accomplishments. Be certain they look neat and arrange them in an attractive, but not gaudy, folder.

Arrive 15 minutes early. The applicant should be in the place ahead of the interviewer. Confirm the time and place. Make sure you know how to get there.

Before you enter the room take three deep breaths-inhale slowly, exhale slowly. When you enter the room, smile and shake the interviewer’s hand.

During the interview maintain eye contact and listen intently. Don’t start to formulate answers to questions while the interviewer is still talking. It;s okay to think for a few seconds at the end of a question before answering it.

Dont answer any questions you don’t understand. Answer clearly. Think of an intelligent answer to every question being asked by the interviewer. Seek clarification and examples if necessary.

Answer questions thruthfully. You’re not doing yourself a favor by lying to get a job. Misrepresentations will return to haunt you. On the other hand, when asked if you have particular experience that you don’t have, don’t say NO. Say something like; “I’m still looking forward to the opportunity to.”

Ask questions incorporating the information you obtained in your research. Your questions show an interest in the company. It shows you are interested and have done your homework. Before applying a certain company, you need to have a research on the company and the industry.

At the conclusion, thank the interviewer. You might remark on a specific behavior he or she engaged in that made you feel comfortable. Don’t make one up, though—insincerity will be apparent. •

Psyche yourself up. Engage in mental imaging—see yourself performing well in the interview. Hear the certainty in your voice; see the confidencein your air.

Two days later follow up with a thank you note. Indicate in the note that you will provide any other information the company might need. Personalize the message sufficietnly so that the interviewer won’t think it’s a form letter. Handwriting is needed.


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