How to Keep a Relationship in Shape?

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Relationships are God’s gift to us. We all should know this and realise this. Often we take our loved ones for granted and forget to show gestures. Unknowingly we create distance even though at heart we know that we love each other. The important thing is that we should never forget to acknowledge one’s efforts.

Live life as if there is no tomorrow. Make every day memorable with your husband. Talk, stay friends, have fun, watch movies. This will bring you close to each other and the spark will remain intact. However long you have been married, behave as if you are newly wed. Show the love, kindness and understanding required for a relationship to blossom.

Never hide anything from each other. The more you share, the more closer you will get. So, the choice is yours!

Try and take each others responsibilities. If your husband helps you in the kitchen you too need to help him with his work (however you can). It is not a compulsion but just a way to show that you care and want to be together.

I agree life is not always a roller coaster. So, show courage in times of disappointments and failures. Whether happy or sad, be supportive and suggest options to come out of dilemma.

We all know that your partner is your other half so consider this fact every time you are happy or sad. Be the first one to listen and give advice. Let him be the first one to share things with you and vice verse.

Small things in life can really make a difference. Try these small things and see how your relationship turns out to be.


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