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Movies are the best part-times when you feel bored. Some are movie freaks and would catch up with every movie that has been released recently. I suggest some movies that you can catch up with if you are feeling bored and lonely or even with friends. Here we go:


1.     Dinner for Schmucks

Cast: Steve Carrell, Paul Rudd

Tim is an executive  who has just received his first invitation to the ‘dinner for idiots’ which is a monthly event hosted by his boss that promises bragging rights to the one who shows up with the biggest buffoon. Tim’s fiancée, Julie, finds it distasteful and he agrees to skip the dinner, until  he bumps into Barry (an Internal Revenue Service employee) who likes to build elaborate taxidermy mouse dioramas. Tim invites Barry for the dinner, whose good intentions soon sends Tim’s life into a series of comic misadventures.

2.     Inception

Cast: Leonardo Di Caprio, Ellen Page

Dom Cobb is a thief best in the art of extraction, stealing valuable secrets within the subconscious dream state. This rare ability has made him a coveted player in the world of corporate espionage and cost him everything he has ever loved which he wishes to redeem. One last job could give him his life back but only if he can accomplish the impossible: inception. Cobb and his team have to pull off the reverse—their task is not to steal but plant an idea and create a perfect crime.

3.     I Hate Love Stories

Cast: Imran Khan, Sonam Kapoor

Jay hates love stories, but as an assistant director to Veer, the most famous romantic filmmaker, he has little option but to live with cinematic love regularly. Things get worse when he is made to work under the new production designer Simran, who has just the opposite view. With her ideal job and the perfect boyfriend, she lives a dreamy life which begins to resemble a love story, one which is rudely interrupted by Jay’s cynicism. The turmoil in Simran and Jay’s lives is ironically interwoven with the story they are working on.

Other movies that you can watch are  — Aisha (Cast: Abhay Deol, Sonam Kapoor), Salt starring Angelina Jolie, Khatta Meetha starring Akshay Kumar and Once upon a time in Mumbaai which deals with the underworld world and how dons were created. It’s a must watch! You will enjoy it.



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