Unusual Ways To Make Money Online

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Gomezpeerzone – Though many believe gomez peer is a scam but it is not so. Gomezpeer zone is a legit site that pays it’s users also know as peers for letting them use their computers. You are just being paid for opening your computer and running their application on your computer. The application is of 19.9mb and it utilizes your computer’s extra RAM for processing. Though it uses your computer’s ram but it doesn’t slow your computer down. You can earn $10 easily and the maximum you can earn is $45. They pay you through paypal and only once a month. Though you will only get paid if you have the minimum payment threshold of $5 .

Letterrep – Letterrep is an online platform where you can write and sell your letters. You can earn money in letterrep by uploading your letters , writing a letter for a request or recommending a letter. You earn $10 when someone buys your letters or you can earn $10 for writing a letter for a requester. Though making money from this site is easy but they have a very strict editorial guideline and you have to be really a professional write to earn some money over there.

Picky Domains – This is another unusual way to make money on the net. You can earn money in pickydomain by simply providing and suggesting domain names to your clients. Once your client likes your suggestion and takes the domain name then you will be paid $50. Though these is not as easy as it looks because you have to at least provide 50 to 60 suggestion before your client picks up one. But the bottom line is pickydomain is a very legit site and it pays you through paypal.

So if you want to make some money online then you must try out these unique and unusual ways.


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