Baby Feeding Bottles

  My son is already two years old and he has stopped using feeding bottles and nipples.  I remember the first time that I bought his feeding bottles and nipples.  I scouted the whole baby care section on the mall just to find the good quality feeding bottles and nipples.  I read every detail on the boxes and wrappers.    I read all reviews and effects if my baby will use the product.    I came to this brand and it is called the Pigeon. 

What makes me decide to buy Pigeon baby care products?  Well it’s not about their neat packaging or design but it is because of the effect that it gives when the baby is sucking milk from it.  The feeding nipple is silicon which it is actually a replicate of a mother’s breast.   The nipple helps the baby with the formation of its face.  The elasticity keeps the baby relaxed while sucking the milk from the feeding bottles.   With the shape of the Pigeon feeding nipple it helps the development of a child’s jaw, teeth and facial structure.    

Maki did use a lot of Pigeon feeding nipples.   Some of them bore big holes already because Maki would sometimes bite on it and others are just tearing off because it was used long enough.  I think Maki used about twenty plus feeding nipples.  All are Pigeon brands.   They did live with their promise because Maki’s facial structure is good and he always shows a good smile to us.  To all parents who are looking for feeding bottles and nipples I highly recommend this Pigeon brand.

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