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Making money online is not easy especially if you are a newbie or if you have been ripped off in the past. Relax take a deep breathe because we have taken out the guess work for you and we have excluded scams that ask for your money upfront when in fact you are looking to make money. The following links below are highly reputable, easy to get started & free to Join. As a matter of fact many high school & college students are using these methods to make extra cash working from home.

The following opportunities will NOT cost you 1 PENNY! Guaranteed! I know because I work the following programs myself & I make over $1,000.00 + per month. To some it’s not much but it pays bills & the groceries.

If money is not a concern to you then this is not for you! It honestly works for those individuals that NEED to make money like yesterday. I have gotten paid from the following opportunities via Pay Pal & Alert Pay. I did my homework as a matter of fact I was so frustrated I contact two of the BIG companies & I was provided a list of REAL PTC (pay to click) websites.

If you think that it’s impossible to make money on-line because of all those fraudulent companies asking for your money in order for you to make money, then you’re NOT alone!

The recession that we’re all facing has made the greedy greedier, but rest assure there are REAL companies on-line that will pay you to perform simple task(s) & not asking for a penny upfront in order for you to get started. It’s almost like finding a needle in a hay stack!

But first you need to know that “17.2 million Americans worked from home at least one day a month in 2008, according to a recent survey by World at Work. That’s an increase of 39% over 2006 and 74% over 2005 & climbing.

So what does this mean to you? Question to self “how come I’m not making money on-line?” Answer; because the average person doesn’t know that he or she can make real money on-line it’s probably the least place to look to make money other than a 9 to 5, clocking in & out JOB!


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