Looking Young Forever

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Looking Young Forever 

Have you ever wished to think, look, and feel several years younger than your real age? People, especially women fear to talk about age or resist to tell their real age. Age, as they think and say and we often heard, is one of the greatest lies here on earth. People, young and old, would like to stop counting birthdays once they reach the age of thirty. They think that is the time they begin to feel the years creep up on them. Well, it can be identified in your forehead and chain. Or it could be your overweigh figure. Aging as we once thought is inevitable. When it comes to aging you can not stop time, but maybe you can slow it down. But it is never too late to keep on looking and staying young at the same time healthy fit and rested. Here are some tips and information on how a person can stay forever young.

1. Get enough sleep. There are no other things or activities that can replace sleep. Sleep is very important. The benefits of sleep are amazing, and that they affect just about every area of a person’s daily life. A person will feel much better after a good night’s sleep. The basic rule is at least eight hours everyday. A person looks most attractive when he has just wake up.Nothing can beat sleeps sleep for giving a fresh touch on your face that no make up ever does. To keep you well-rested and have a fresh feeling is to have enough hours of sleep.

2. Avoid smoking. We all know that smoking cigarette is bad or dangerous to our health. Smoking is dangerous because smoke contains more than 4,000 poisonous substances which cause disease and even death. Among these are cancer-producing substances, carbon monoxide, nicotine and other irritating substance. Each year over 430,000 people die as a result of smoking related diseases. The skin of a smoker is three times more likely to wrinkle than the skin of a non-smoker. Cigarette smoke contains between 100 to 1000 toxins that may break down skin structure. Nicotine and other smoke substances also inhibit the flow of oxygen, so cells can not protect skin against damage.

3. Avoid over exposure to sunlight. Did you know that approximately 90 percent of the signs of “aging” which appear on your face as you grow older are caused by sun damage? So the best advice is to keep sun exposure to a minimum so that wrinkling is minimal, too. Avoiding exposure between 10 a.m to 3 p.m.., when the sun rays are strongest. When you will go outdoor always apply a sunblock to your face. Too much exposure to sunlight may cause skin cancer.

4. Keep smiling. A happy and smiling person looks younger than a sad or miserable person. A person who has a sense of humor has an edge over the other. As an often heard adage said, it will take 43 muscles to frown but only 17 muscles to smile. So you should just smile because it is easier. A smile relaxes your facial muscles and lifts the cheeks. On the other hand, frowning will etch deep lines in our brow and around the mouth. To be happy, always have a positive attitude about life. Having a positive outlook in life can give us a feeling of security, at ease or being relax.

5. Learn to handle your stress. Stress has a lot to do with aging. Learning to handle it, through exercise, meditation, relaxation or other techniques will boost your immune system. Try to spend hours everyday to “recharge your batteries”. Enjoy life to the fullest. Do not deprive yourself of pleasure because of work and hectic schedules. Do not be a slave of your work. Enjoy your life at the same time enjoy your work also. Make your work as the source of your strength instead source of your stress.


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