Easy Steps to Get You Started After a Breakup

Experts share steps to get you started after a breakup:

  • Don’t wallow in self-pity.  While the world is  fresh, so weep all you want and give yourself time to grieve.  But as soon as the pain starts to subside, pick yourself up and start moving again.

  • Believe that you will survive with or without him, you’re definitely going to live through this painful phase. Gaining back your emotional stability starts with believing that  you will make it.  Afterall, and that you don’t need somebody else to make you whole.  Don’t let a failed love turn you into a pessimist, remember too that it’s good to be alone sometimes than keeping up a lousy relationship!

  • Identify existing patterns.  To find Mr.Right, you have to be Ms. Right first.  Look back into the relationship and try to find the things that you did well and the areas where you failed.This will make you better equipped to handle future romantic attachment.

  • Know yourself.  Many women fall in and out of relationships because they choose their men by relatives, friends, and the media.  As a result they end up trapped in a love mismatch and forget now they go into it, in the first place.  To avoid falling into the same trap over and over again, you have to admit first that you’re partly to blame for your previous failed relationships.  Sit down with yourself and try to understand your needs and inclinations.  It may also help to write down the qualities that you want your next boyfriend to posses. Are you tired of playing nanny to your wimp of a boyfriend? Then look for someone who knows how to stand on his own two feet.

Resource:  CHIC Magazine

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