Easy Pizza Anyone Can Make

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 Most Americans order pizza from places like Pizza Hut, Dominos, or Papa Johns just to name a few and they buy it for $5 a slice or $40 for a whole pizza or two, depending on where you buy it of course, but little do they know that they can buy all the ingredients to make a good size pizza for the same price they can buy a slice or two. I am going to show you how to make pizza really simply. Only thing that you will not learn to make is the dough. Why you ask? Because I feel there is a specific way to make this good and I do not feel I know how to make this good enough to try and share. So with all respect please keep reading.

I got my directions from making myself a pizza the other night after having meatballs heated in the oven.

First thing you need is to decide how much pizza you want to make and get the ingredients and required items.


  • Can of Tomato Paste- Paste that is almost the same for pasta is good enough.

  • Tortillas, Bread, or Pre-made dough-Depends on what you have or can get.
  • Cheese-Can be shredded or sliced-Just need it to cover the pizza.

  • Any random toppings you like-Can throw anything on top of your pizza, its yours to eat.


  • Oven- Need some heat.

  • Oven Mitts-Don’t need any burns.

  • Spatula or Tongs- Need something to pull the pizza out of the Oven.

After you have all you need you should preset your oven at 450 degrees . While heating up and when it finally heats up you can make any good pizza sides like bread sticks. Reason you can make something else while heating up or while heated up is because you just need the oven to be warm enough to melt the cheese for the most part with my method.
Now that your oven is heating up or has been heated, you can prepare your pizza for heating.

  1. To start making your pizza lay out your bread,tortilla,or pre-made dough. I am just going to say tortilla just to not have a list.
  2.  After laying out your tortilla, having opened the can of tomato paste, spread the sauce evenly across the tortilla leaving about 2 inches from the sides.

  3.  Next sprinkle or lay the cheese on top of the tomato paste, make sure the cheese covering the paste. 

  4. Once your pizza is covered in cheese its time to add your toppings.

    • When I first thought of this I cut up meatballs that were made that night. It was either meatballs or well meatballs in some other random way I could make it. After I cut up the meatballs, since I like cheese I put more on top.

  5. Once your pizza is ready for the oven I suggest putting it on a oven tray that can hold the pizza. If you made it with the pre-made dough make sure that the tray is big enough.
    •  Before putting the tortilla in the oven I suggest if you used tortillas to put some butter  and roll the remaining tortilla not covered towards the covered part. 

  6. Put the pizza in the oven. 

  7. After putting the pizza in the oven just check on the pizza ever 2 or 3 minutes, you dont want to burn it.
  8. Take pizza out of the oven when the cheese is looking melted enough.

  9. Eat and Enjoy.

Now that you know how to make pizza you can stop ordering that pizza thats costing you more than it takes to actually make the pizza.


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