Bukisa is The Web Portal Which is Paying Writers Per Review

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Bukisa is the web portal is paying writers per pageviews. 1000 pageviews is almost equivalent to $3.00 (depending on their bukisa index ). They accept articles about How Tos, DIY, and other tutorials. And also aside from writing articles, you can submit video tutorials and power point presentations. The minimum cashout is $10.00 ( before $50.00 ). Learning how to promote Bukisa articles to other get paid to write sites can help you in reaching the minimum payout faster than you expected. Positive Things About Bukisa 1. Payment is sent via paypal immediately once you reached the minimum payment. 2. The earning per pageviews are quite high than other get paid to write websites which is good. 3. You can republish your bukisa article in your blog or website by simply copying and pasting the html code it will provide. 4. They are specific enough to tell you the reason why your article is not accepted. 5. It has a referral program where you can earn faster if you have plenty of active referrals. My Five Suggestions For Bukisa 1. Some of the writers in bukisa are not participative in terms of interacting and giving comments to your article unlike in triond. I think bukisa should find time to make their community of writers interact with each other better. Maybe a contest will do. 2. A moderated forum could be an option so that the bukisa members could meet and share their marketing techniques. 3. Bukisa email support is quite slow in answering inquiries. I hope that they can make the online support more reliable or faster. 4. You will not earn in bukisa if you will not market your articles unlike triond. It would be better for bukisa if they also can provide help for their members to have a number of readers at least. Writing an article is nonsense if you don’t have people reading it. 5. The cashout threshold is high. Lowering it would be better. Update : Bukisa already lower it down to just $10.00 My Overall Rating For Bukisa : 6/10 These are just three of my top choices in get paid to write programs online. There are more sites to write your articles and can make you extra money. How about you? What are your lists of get paid to write websites? Feel free to share it here.


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