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One day, in a rural and haunted village in an island of Indonesia the chief of the village gathered his people to hear a talk about ghosts inviting an expert from the city. This was a first time talk so almost all of the people in the village came to hear what the expet said about ghosts. The aula in the chief office was packed with people, some had to stand outside the room. The expert started with questions for the audience. He asked whether any of the audience had ever seen a ghost. SInce it was a haunted village, many of the audience raised their hands. The expert thanked the audience and went on with his second question whether any of the audience had even communicated with a ghost. Here, the expert noticed only several people raised their hands. Again he thanked the audience and proceeded with his third question. “Had any of you ever made love to a ghost?” The audience was silent, no one raised a hand on this question. The expert voiced his question again. Still no one raised a hand. The third time the expert repeated his question thier was a guy at the very back of the row raised a hand hesitantly. The expert caught the signal and prompted the man to go forward to the stage to tell his experience. The man came to the stage and looked embarrased. The expert said: ” Come on, Don’t shy. Tell us your experience about making love with a ghost.” Hearing this the man standed up, looked confused and said: “I thought you said goat.”

Okay have a laugh now.


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