How to Get Many Clicks on Google Adsense

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How To Get Many Clicks on GoogleAdsense

Hi!  I’m an online writer for Triond and have joined their GoogleAdsense program since November 2009.  Now it’s August 2010 so it’s been about 9 months.  I have liked GoogleAdsense since the very beginning.  I started off earning a few cents on Google, and then it progressed as the time went by.  Right now I earn about a hundred dollars a month on GoogleAdsense.

How do you earn money from GoogleAdsense? When you are with Triond and join the Google program, the ads will appear around your article.  These Google ads are automatically related to the topic of your article.  They have very sophisticated mechanism that knows what you are writing about, based of course on your keywords.

You get money from Google directly when someone clicks on the ads.  The amount is all different, and I think it’s based on the amount paid on Adwords by the advertiser.  Triond shares this earnings with you and as mentioned, you will receive the money directly from Google.

The purpose of my article is to show you how to get many clicks on GoogleAdsense so that you will earn money.  This is what I do. Before I write an article, I think first to myself, is the topic interesting enough to compel readers to click on ads surrounding it?  I’ll give you an example on why I think this is effective.  On my article 30 Fast and Easy Potluck Ideas, my target audience are the people looking for quick ideas to bring to a potluck.  The surrounding Google ads on the article are also related to potluck ideas.  This is perfect because those articles or websites are also very helpful to this set of audience.  So it’s like natural instinct that people will click on some ads, because they want to know more potluck ideas.  Naturally not everyone will click on the Google ads, but even if only a small percent of the viewers click on an ad, that’s good.  Few clicks is better than no clicks. Then you are inspired to write more articles.  Then you earn money from Google from your different articles.  This money will add up.  That’s how I can earn one hundred dollars a month on Google alone.

I find that if you write for Triond without joining the Googleadsense program, it is very hard to earn money.  But with GoogleAdsense you can double what you’re earning on Triond.

I hope this helps!

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