The Impostors

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The Impostors

So a movie you’ve likely never heard of.  But it is entertaining to say the least.  Stash away your disbelief for this one.  They break the fourth wall just a smidge once or twice.  But the movie is about actors on the run essentially from another hot shot actor who wants to have them beaten and arrested.  In the process they end up as stowaways on a cruise liner.  They pretend to be working on the cruise and through this process come face to face with different characters.  Some are funny, some are melodramatic to the point of being funny.  Tony Shalhoub has a great role in this movie as does Steve Buscemi.  But for the most part the movie is about two actors meeting strange people one after the other until it is revealed that they are impostors.  The movie is truly funny, the collection of actors they’ve put together is excellent.  Its just light hearted comedy so sit back and enjoy the fluff.

The scene in the bakery truly had me cracking up and its one of the reasons I’ve watched the movie more than once and ended up buying a copy for myself.  The movie takes place in the past, maybe the 50’s.  i’m a little unclear as the exact point history wise.


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