do You Have Vision? Reasonable Goals For Struggling Marketers.

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No matter what your intent online to make money with is, you have to have a vision of what your promoting. For some, it’s the lure of quick money, for others it’s to sell products and build a huge downline.
 Next comes the reality of the expense of what all that costs. So how do we set our sights to some thing realistic and attainable? The main thing to take into account with any multi level marketing is that we have to actually work to build and keep an active downline, it doesn’t happen itself.

 Then comes aligning yourself with a program you can get behind because you will be selling it, yes I said selling. To promote an opportunity and build an active referral base, you need to be involved in helping that happen. Any progam can offer tools and how to help files,  but it’s well known by the proffessionals that one on one talking to people is still the Best way to “sell the idea” of a mlm business.

 Many opportunities are high cost and high maintenance where the members have to purchase product or reach referral goals to benifit from the system. I don’t like that, I don’t want to open a store and panic promote just to get a bonus. Who does?

 By finding slightly smaller programs you can find more of a communtity in it’s members and therefore more help in finding success. Knowing what to expect from your efforts also comes out alot clearer. With no point, referrals fast action commissions or the need to buy product, pamphlets or sales material makes it alot more people friendly.

 With our vision being to find success with just this one program you may find success faster than you think. After clearing the get rich quick jargon out of your sight, we can set our sights on an attainable goal, like making enough to pay a certain bill or save up for a new car, used probably, but in setting these goals you have a real idea of how you can talk to other people about your program and how with a small amount of work and very little investment the new person who is looking for a solution to there money problems can find one in your opportunity.

 For many they need to see or hear the offer in a language they can understand. Let’s use the lottery for example. Most place’s around the  world have a local lottery where a person buys a ticket and a draw is held to find a winner. Many people spend at least a small amount to hundreds of dollars a month just for the ‘chance’ to win. hundreds of thousands of people world wide play and every year thousands of more young people are coming of age and taking part in the dream of getting rich.

 So by using that one can say, by spending $6 a month and offering this same offer to others you can make money for real every month and treat it like a monthly ‘sure thing lottery win’. Or you can spend $6 with hundreds of thousands of other people where only one of you will get the money. What chances do you like better? 1 in a million or 3 friends a ‘sure thing’?

 Most gamblers will like a sure thing when betting.

 For investors you can use a similar vision. A ‘sure investment’ of $6 a month to bring in $1400 a month, try to get that out of a bank, anywhere. No investment risk of loss, $6 a month until investment is fulfilled and with only a partial fullfulment the investment pays for itself and the monthly payout grows rapidly from there.

 So whether your a marketer, a home maker, a gambler or an invester.
A smaller more personable mlm money making program is right for you.

Pierce Meyers


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