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Hello there! Today I am going to be talking about Bounty Hunter  Runners.

Let me give you an example of these guys before we move on:

You are fighting some guy in Bounty Hunter who puts up quite a fight in the beginning. But as the battle moves on you start hitting on him really hard. This guy your fighting would yell out insults like “Safer!” and “Def noob!” to you just because he is about to get pked. Clearly, your winning the fight and still have a good amount of food in your bank left. While your opponent is losing and eventually runs out of food.Since there are no special attacks on f2p weapons, or simply the idea of switching to a rune 2h to K.O him doesn’t seem to work, you try killing him the old fashion way.
Of course he finds his chance to run away, and does so

Now some of you may say that you in fact have killed someone with the final blow of a rune 2h. I agree its possible, but
you must be really quick and have some pretty high skills to k.o somebody with a rune 2h.

Now back to the point, What really ticks all of us pkers (f2p more likely. p2p players have better chances of killing before they can run due to specials, more powerful weapons etc.) are runners.
Runners tend to run away because they clearly have no chance in winning the battle. Jagex tried to fix this by the 10 seconds extra time even in a safe zone, but I as many others find this time too little because they are running and its hard to get them to stop and to actually hit.
Runners ruin Pking because they waste our food, Armour,potoins, time and much more. Plus after investing all your time and money, you dont even get money or drop.

A Message to all Bounty Hunter Runners:
Stay off Bounty Hunter Worlds! You people just waste people’s time and money!

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