Donating Wheelchairs to The Disabled

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Donating Wheelchairs to the Disabled

By Joseph Parish

Any individual who may be disabled and wheelchair confined fully understands the importance towards the need associated with wheelchair donations. It is an unfortunate but real problem that many of the physically challenged people are without the proper resources necessary to purchase a needed wheelchair. You may ask how you can help those in need.

There are many worldwide organizations which are ready and welling to provide wheelchairs free to people with disabilities that are unable to afford them on their own. With the mere act of helping these people through a cash donation or by the process of donating a wheelchair you are bringing some hope and encouragement back to their lives and making their daily functioning just a bit easier.

There exist over 100 million people worldwide who are physically disabled. This number fails to include those people living in areas of our world where the rest of our society seems to have forgotten them. Every one of these people is experiencing disabilities due to accidents, war injuries, birth defects, diseases or simply old age. In previously war torn areas of the world you will find groups of people who are now disabled as a result of unexploded ordinances or landmines. According to the statistics of the Worlds Health Organization the number of injured people from landmine explosions reaches over 29,000 yearly. This number fails to take into consideration those unreported cases as well as deaths caused by these explosions.

The final straw is that regardless of the reason behind the disability, all of these people desperately need a wheelchair. We find the greatest need for donated wheelchairs to be in the developing countries as wheelchair necessity will rise by at least 22 percent in these countries within the next decade.

Developing countries have a most pronounced need as many of these people are presently bedridden or in some cases they use their arms to transport themselves from location to location. Do not these individuals deserve the same dignity as others in being capable of moving within their homes and around their communities with ease? You bet they do and it is possible for you to help in this respect.

Through the use of programs like the Wheelchair Foundation which is operated all around the world, it is possible for you to donate a wheelchair that will be sent to countries outside of the United States. The foundation does not personally deliver individual wheelchairs instead they send bulk containers of chairs to the different areas.

There are other organizations like the Chariots of Hope, Hope Alliance International and Direct Relief International which are non-profit type organizations and do their work internationally. They receive the generous donations of used wheelchairs and unlike the previous mentioned, Wheelchair Foundation these organizations will attempt to target individual recipients for the used chairs. In the majority of cases should you donate a chair the particular organization will renovate the chair and next ship it to an adult or a child that needs it.

All the listed organizations can use your assistance in helping the disabled. You have an opportunity to help expand the quality of a disabled person’s life. Won’t you help today and make a difference in someone’s life.

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