My Online Earnings Update: Triond, Google And Bukisa

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My Online Earnings Update: Triond, GoogleAdsense and Bukisa


Today is August 13th.  As of yesterday my earnings for August on Triond/Google is $79.90.  On Bukisa I have earned $43.33 so far.  Total is $123.23 as of close to mid month.  If the pattern stays like this, it looks like it will be the same or slightly over my last month’s earnings of $246.44.  How many articles did I write this month? I have published 13 articles so far.  It’s an average of 1 article a day.  There are many days that I’m unable to write because of my busy schedule, but I try to make up for it on the days I have extra time.

My goal on Triond/Google and Bukisa is to reach $300 per month, and I’m thinking it will probably take months to reach this.  I find that it’s easier to reach short terms goals which are in small increments.  If I set a goal of a thousand dollars, that would be far off and practically very hard to reach at this point.

I received many messages on how to succeed on Triond and Bukisa and what tips I could give especially to new writers.  Being a year old writer on Triond and Bukisa, I’m sure there are many writers who are earning more than me.  From my personal experience, it is good to write lists of ideas.  Although I have written many articles on different topics, I find that the lists always get the most views.  And the more people click on your lists the higher they go up in the search engines like Google.  If your goal is to earn lots of money on Triond and Bukisa, a very important thing to remember is that at least some of your articles should rank high in Google.

Lists definitely take a longer time to make but if they are useful and if people really like the topic, I can say 1 useful list will generate the same or more views than 10 individual less popular articles.

Also, when I was a new writer I read an article by someone who said that an article doesn’t get popular overnight, so you have to be patient.  I always kept that in my mind because I find it’s true!  It takes time and you have to be really patient.  It takes persistence – lots of them! Write about the popular topics, write the right titles and keywords.

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