Where Have Our Innocent Children Gone ?

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Children of today are growing up far too fast for their age. Childhood innocence has almost vanished and in its place are very inqustive young kids being continually bombarded with sexual talk and images in magazines, newspapers and on the TV which inevitably lead to an increasing curiosity about sex, sexuality, drugs and even the meanings of words they shouldn’t even hear at their young age. Has the adult society failed in protecting our young children from this kind of exposure?

Walking past a local shop, the billboard screamed out ‘local woman raped’. Do parents really want their kids to read this let alone have to explain what rape means at a young age? On the reverse of the same billboard: ‘Pervert jailed!’ I certainly wouldnt want to explain that word to a 4 year old. Why can’t there be more restrictions on words advertised in places children can see? Im not a prude and neither would I want to shelter a child so that they don’t find out about the wrongs of the world but I do think there is a time and place for these discussions to take place. And the subject should and not shoved in our faces at inappropriate times.

A local supermarket is selling padded bras for 6 year olds and high heels – now that, in my veiw is wrong. No wonder they are worrying about their body image at such a young age and talking about sex when supermarkets are encouraging our young children to wear padded bras and even skimpy underwear. They are children for Heaven’s sake not mini adults!Someone out there surely should discourage these items from the clothes racks.

TV’s another major problem. Scenes in some programmes are far too graphic for the time shown or the content is too adult. Also protrayed are skinny actors and actressess making children beleive the whole world is skin and bones. Let’s see some real size women on TV!! I know there are some normal size actors out there but perhaps there aren’t enough of these to portray a balanced world. In some dramas for instance every female actress is slim and beautiful and this just isn’t the case in a normal world!

To conclude my point: children are growing up far too fast nowadays and as a Society surely we should do more to protect the youth of today? Bring back the innocent youngsters, not inquisitve minds asking about adult words, wearing padded bras and high heels! Why can’t we let our children enjoy their childhood by being children?


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